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lonelinessThorngate Living's chief executive, Anne Taylor, writes about the importance of understanding the difference between loneliness and social isolation in her latest blog post. Anne explains that the impact on health of chronic loneliness is apparently worse than smoking 15 cigarettes a day and more damaging to health than obesity. So an important focus of health professionals, as well as campaigners for older people, is looking at the costs to the NHS and wider society of this problem. A problem that is within all our power to do something about, not just those of us working in the social sector.

Anne believes that it is essential to understand the difference between loneliness and social isolation before attempting to address the causes of both. Disturbingly, for those of us who prefer to avoid doctors’ surgeries, GPs record that one in five visits is due to loneliness. Hardly surprising therefore that GPs are becoming key signposting professionals to additional services.

To find out more, read Anne's Blog or simply click the green blog button in the footer of this site.

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