Christine Wright recognised in Thorngate Living staff awards

Date: 24-10-2017 Ref: News 13/2017

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Christine Wright and Anne TaylorChristine Wright's excellent work as Warden at Elizabeth Court has been recognised in Thorngate Living's staff awards.

Recently when a visiting electrical contractor inadvertently caused a major electrical supply fault at Elizabeth Court, Christine acted swiftly and calmly to alert our own in-house maintenance team, to liaise with the outside contractors and to reassure all Thorngate Living's Elizabeth Court residents. Christine continued to keep all our residents updated with information and progress made with fixing the problem.

On Friday, 13 November, Anne Taylor, Thorngate Living's CEO, commended Christine in front of appreciative residents at Elizabeth Court.

Anne Taylor remarked: "Christine's quick thinking and calm, measured response demonstrates all that is best about our warden team. Her professional handling of the situation ensured that our own maintenance team was quickly on site and that our residents were looked after."

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