Social care policy is too important for partisan politics

Date: 21-09-2017 Ref: News 09/2017

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"Party politics must give way to allow for a coherent social care policy" urges Thorngate Living chief executive.

It is surely no surprise that 86% of English MPs believe cross-party consensus is necessary for a lasting settlement on health and social care. And only 1 in 10 MPs in England (10%) believe that the current social care system is suitable for the UK’s ageing population. These are the findings of a recent policy survey, the Independent Age Perceptions of Social Care Survey, conducted by ComRes and published on the 31 August for the charity Independent Age.

Thorngate Living's chief executive Anne Taylor urges politicians to pay less attention to political point-scoring and look beyond their own transient political careers to develop a coherent social care policy for the century ahead. Read what she has to say in her latest blog post, or click the green blog button at the foot of this page.

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