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Customer satisfaction is hugely important to all of us here at Thorngate and we’ve just completed our latest insight survey of residents in Russell Churcher Court and their friends and relatives to find out their opinions and attitudes to the service provided.

 “It is vitally important that we not only provide a safe and comfortable home for people but that our residents are happy with everything from their rooms to the activities on offer and the menus we provide,” said chief executive Anne Taylor. “We also value the views of friends and family and it’s good to see that this survey shows high satisfaction figures overall.

 “However we will never be complacent and will be looking at any areas which those questioned feel can be improved upon as we’re determined to score top marks in every aspect of our care.”

 The survey findings included 100 per cent of those questioned feeling safe in the home, and feeling satisfied with the cleanliness, choice and quality of the food. Friends and relatives are also satisfied or highly satisfied with the overall impression of the home, the welcome they received, cleanliness and mood atmosphere.

 A total of 94 per cent of residents would recommend the home to other potential residents with 80 per cent of friends and family also very likely to recommend the home.

 “This is a real vote of confidence in everyone involved in running Russell Churcher Court,” said Anne.

 You can read the full survey here

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