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Thorngate Churcher Trust is looking for new trustees to help shape the long-term strategy of the trust and ensure it fulfils its charitable mission.

Thorngate operates 124 sheltered flats for assisted living and a 44 bed care home in Gosport and is looking for trustees help with its future expansion plans.

Trustees are an integral part of the management of the trust and chief executive Anne Taylor said they ensure the trust continues to move forward positively and meet the requirements of the ever changing regulatory regime.

“We have always been fortunate in having a strong board of trustees but the time is now right to recruit new trustees who will help drive us forward at a time when social care is such an important part of society,” said Anne.

“We are looking for trustees who are keen to make a difference and make a real contribution to the trust,” Anne said. “They offer us their skills knowledge and experience and in return they will gain valuable experience of committee work, acquire new skills and work in a team of people who share a passion for a particular cause.”

Anne said that having a good mix of trustees both now and in the future well enable Thorngate to continue to thrive and provide the social care which is so vital in Gosport.

Thorngate is keen to hear from potential trustees with experience in areas including  IT and digital, health and social care, finance, property/surveying.

“These are all set to be key areas for us as we move forward,” said Anne. “Further social housing development is central to our strategy, so finance and property experience would be a good fit.  In addition, health and social care continue to be are at the heart of the services we offer and digital is transformative in this area so IT professionals would be able to make a significant impact.”

Anyone interested in applying to become a trustee can contact Anne Taylor. Email

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