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Updated Coronavirus precuations at Thorngate Churcher Trust.

In relation to our care home, Russell Churcher Court, we have now added the following precautions to keep our residents and our staff as safe as possible. Since 6 March 2020 we have not been accepting deliveries into the care home. All deliveries are left outside in a covered area or box at the entrance and our staff are bringing them in, to avoid delivery operatives entering the home. Postal deliveries are also being left in this way. We have asked relatives not to visit if they have any kind of infection, and to have personal contact with their residents as little as possible. We are no longer allowing self check-in on our reception app, but are checking people in individually to avoid multiple visitors touching screens.


Since 11 March we have asked residents who attend external day centres not to do this and to utilise our activities in-house.


We have employed extra staff which we hope will start in the next three weeks which are over and above our normal staff complement. We have contingency plans for housekeeping, kitchen and care staff in the event of major impact to ensure we can operate safely.


We have purchased additional temperature testing equipment but we accept that some people may not be symptomatic in the first few days of any infection


We have employed measures in our other buildings and for staff who move between sites such as Maintenance and Head Office to ensure they are following the same hygiene guidelines as care staff.


We continue to stay updated with both Public Health England, the Care Providers Alliance and National Care Forum advice. 

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