Coronavirus precautions update March 17th 2020

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We continue to monitor the situation and reiterate that our strategy is to keep our buildings free from the virus as far as we are able to do so.

Updated precautions at our housing schemes include:

  • The trust has cancelled all external events for which it is responsible.
  • We ask that no one visits who feels unwell or has a family member self-isolating.
  • Any friends or family dropping off shopping to please leave shopping in the foyer and leave as quickly as possible.


Updated precautions in Russell Churcher Court:

  • We are limiting visitors to our sites to essential people only and asking family and friends to only visit if necessary.
  • Any visitors must first report to management for a temperature check.
  • All staff are also being temperature checked.
  • All external activities have been cancelled.


We will update these precautions if the advice changes.



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