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Thorngate Living is all about enjoying the comfort and security of living in your own home within a friendly and respectful neighbourhood with 24/7 warden support.


Thorngate Churcher Trust is a modern and progressive charitable registered social landlord, offering independent assisted living and residential care from three locations in Gosport, Hampshire. All our communities are within easy walking distance of local shops and have excellent public transport links.

Thorngate Churcher Trust manages 124 sheltered flats for assisted living. Thorngate Living flats are available to singles and couples of limited means, who are over 50. Uniquely all our flats benefit from 24 hour resident wardens and all our housing schemes are set amidst carefully tended and peaceful gardens.

Thorngate Living's own uniformed professional maintenance team ensures that any maintenance or repair work is carried out quickly, without fuss and to an excellent standard. The Trust is committed to providing the highest standards of care and accommodation.

A key feature of Thorngate Living is the reassurance of 24/7 warden support at each of the Trust’s properties. This means that trained and friendly staff are there to help with everyday matters such as arranging maintenance, deliveries and ensuring that the buildings stay secure at all times. In addition they can give guidance on local services and can help with making sure that you have support from the appropriate agencies should this be necessary.

If you or a relative are looking for sheltered housing or retirement living in Gosport you may be eligible for one of our sheltered flats.

The application process is straightforward - simply start by downloading and completing an application form from this site. We do encourage a pre-application visit to one of our sheltered flats.

So... why not arrange to see one of our homes today? Call Jill Francis on 023 9253 4999 to find out more about enjoying Thorngate Living.

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Monday, November 8, 2021 8:52 AM

Planning granted for new homes in Gosport