Relief warden


Reporting to the housing and support manager the area of responsibility is Elizabeth Court/Thorngate Court/Melrose Gardens.

The successful candidate will be responsible for providing all the necessary support to the residents in the Sheltered Housing Scheme following guidelines on duties and responsibilities as detailed in the Warden's handbook.



Housing and building management:


  • To show prospective residents the vacant accommodation, answering any queries to enable vacant properties to be let as soon as is practicable.


  • To ensure that the cleaner performs their duties and that the buildings are kept to a high standard of cleanliness, including laundry, refuse and other communal areas.


  • To be responsible for the security of all buildings, for the safety of pass keys, keys to unoccupied flats and keys to all secure store rooms, allowing access to health, social, welfare agencies and services and maintenance contractors.


  • To ensure through the maintenance team and gardening contractor, that footways and car parks are kept tidy and litter free and that the grounds are cultivated to a good standard.


  • To be responsible for noting and reporting on the condition of the building and equipment, for example all furniture in internal/external communal areas.   To note and report all items in need of repair and maintenance.   To take reports from residents on repairs within their flat and pass details to the Administration Office.


  • To carry out checks as required, for example, fire alarm, smoke alarm, call point alarm and emergency lighting checks.


  • To monitor and report on the quality of work completed by all external contractors, for example, window cleaning.


  • To report to the Housing and Support Manager all alleged and actual breaches of the Licence. In liaison with the Housing and Support Manager monitor debts and ensure that arrears identified are dealt with following our procedures.


  • To liaise with the Wardens where necessary to ensure the efficient handover of housing matters.


  • To assist with routine housing related clerical work as directed by the Housing and Support Manager.


  • To keep all records, including the daily diary and inventory records; keeping residents' personal records; and regularly updating information. Ensure that residents are fully aware of our Data Protection responsibilities and the Trust’s confidentiality policy.




  • When on duty or 'on standby' to respond without delay to emergency calls. To render immediate assistance and summon the appropriate service or member of family and to keep the resident's next of kin informed.


  • To check daily on residents, with the minimum of intervention, and to arrange and/or provide short-term assistance and support for those residents temporarily incapacitated and without family assistance.   Whilst endeavouring to help residents to maintain as much independence as possible, keep the Housing and Support Manager advised of residents who are becoming more frail.


  • To facilitate any planned resident social activities on site as required.




  • To observe at all times the Trust’s policies as outlined in the Employee Handbook, in particular those relating to Health and Safety at Work and Data Protection.


  • To attend training as required by the Trust to ensure that the best possible service is provided to our residents and to each other.



The purpose of this job description is to focus attention on the most important aspects of the job-holder’s role. It is not intended to be a complete list of the duties; therefore it is to be expected that the day to day performance of the job will include tasks not listed above. The list of duties for which the job-holder is responsible may reasonably be varied or added to at the discretion of the Trust.     


All applications (either a completed application form downloaded from this website or a CV, covering all aspects outlined in our online application form) should be emailed to                                    





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